SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+.  We return Spring 2019.

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Listen Up for Teen Read Week

Listen Up for Teen Read Week

Read More We're half way through the annual Teen Read Week celebration developed and sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association. Because we at SYNC are all about listening literacy, we have some resources to help you share a love of listening to books with teens this week.
Literacy for Civic Engagement

Literacy for Civic Engagement

Read More As teachers and librarians know, literacy is a lot more than reading: it's a whole suite of skills that allow the literate person to reach beyond what they know from personal experience, to discover information and ideas, and to use these to understand more and better about the world and themselves. Whether the literacy skills involve visual reading, listening reading, video observation, or critical evaluation of directions, being literate provides teens and adults with the ability to make social changes through civic engagement.
Conversation Can Help

Conversation Can Help

Read More Banned Books Week is a celebration of intellectual freedom, our right to read (including reading with our ears), with the annual publication of titles that have had to be defended against would-be censors. Ever wonder why so many books appearing on the annual Banned Books Week list were published for children and youth?


For Parents!

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SYNC is Teen-Friendly Summer Fun!
Keep teens engaged with books all summer. 
On the go, on the couch, great for both
omnivorous & reluctant readers!


Kids & Families

Audiobooks for Kids & Families

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AudioFile editors pick the BEST audiobooks for kids & families. Listen together, or find choices for independent listening. Explore selections for grades 1-9. If you and your family are "on the go" family listening is just the ticket! 


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